Krijn de Nood - CEO

Krijn de Nood is the CEO of Meatable and guides Meatable’s strategic direction. Before founding Meatable he worked at management consulting firm McKinsey & Company, where he cultivated expertise in strategy development and operations. Through founding Meatable, Krijn is realizing his ambition to contribute to several of the biggest challenges of this generation.


Daan Luining - CTO

Daan Luining is Meatable’s CTO and scientific mastermind. Daan lives and breathes clean meat and has been involved since the earliest stages, having worked on the first lab grown hamburger in 2013. After that, Daan expanded his knowledge on the field at New Harvest, an NGO that funds academic research in cell-based meat.



Ruud rules the Meatable lab, where he is responsible for making Meatable’s R&D plans reality. He has over 10 years experience in research and development in both pharma and biotech and holds a PhD in molecular biology.


Sina n. dEZFULI – tissue cultivator engineer

Sina is an experienced engineer, responsible for designing, developing and testing the next generations of Meatable’s proprietary tissue cultivators. He holds a PhD in Biomaterials and Tissue Biomechanics. He has more than 8 years experience developing reactors in the high-tech sector and is the owner of three patents in tissue scaffolds and tissue reactors.


Oscar Ibsen - intern

Oscar joined Meatable as our first intern to conduct his thesis project for his Master in Biomedical Engineering at the Delft University of Technology. With this project, his expertise and interests in sustainability, gastronomy, and engineering all come together.


John rook – bioprocess development expert

John is Meatable’s Bioprocess Development Expert, responsible for the quality improvement and scale up of our bioreactor systems. He has extensive experience in technology development, such as extreme density cell culturing and setting up perfusion processes. John uses his experience, creativity, and enthusiasm to keep our cells happy, enabling us to produce 100% tasty real meat in large stable quantities.


Julia slegers – operations manager

Julia is Meatable’s Operations Manager and makes sure everything runs smoothly, from finance to events and from deliveries to press releases. Julia’s skills, quick wit and upbeat character guarantee that not a minute is wasted and energy is pouring from all Meatable’s veins.


Maria Fernandes - iPSC & Tissue Engineering scientist

Maria is Meatable’s iPSC and tissue engineering scientist. She works with our patented animal cell lines and is responsible for the optimization of the production process. Maria has large experience with the derivation, maintenance and differentiation of iPSCs and holds a PhD in Molecular Cardiovascular Developmental Biology. She uses her knowledge, enthusiasm and energy to keep our cells happily growing so they can make delicious real meat for all of us.


Ilia Vialshin - media development Scientist

Ilia is Meatable’s Media Development Scientist, working on cost reductions of our animal-free culturing media.
Ilia uses his skills, creativity and motivation to develop the best possible feed for our cells.


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