Management Team


Krijn de Nood

Krijn de Nood is the CEO of Meatable and guides Meatable’s strategic direction. Before founding Meatable he worked at management consulting firm McKinsey & Company, where he cultivated expertise in strategy development and operations. Through founding Meatable, Krijn is realizing his ambition to contribute to several of the biggest challenges of this generation.


Daan Luining

Daan Luining is Meatable’s CTO and scientific mastermind. Daan lives and breathes clean meat and has been involved since the earliest stages, having worked on the first lab grown hamburger in 2013. After that, Daan expanded his knowledge on the field at New Harvest, an NGO that funds academic research in cell-based meat.


Ruud Out

Ruud rules the Meatable lab, where he is responsible for making Meatable’s R&D plans reality. He has over 10 years experience in research and development in both pharma and biotech and holds a PhD in molecular biology.


Scientific Advisors


Prof. Dr. Roger Pedersen

Prof. Dr. Roger Pedersen is Senior Advisor at Meatable. He is Adjunct Professor and Senior Research Scientist at Stanford University School of Medicine and has a demonstrated history of advising in the research industry. His background in Stem Cell Biology, Mammalian Developmental and Reproductive Biology, Regenerative Medicine and Genetics are indispensable for Meatable. Roger holds an emeritus seat at The University of Cambridge, where he co-founded the The Cambridge Stem Cell Institute.


Dr. mark kotter

Mark is a principal investigator in stem cells and neuroscience at Cambridge University with 18 years of experience in stem cell biology and over 3000 citations. He is the inventor of Meatable’s core technology and Mark and his team at Elpis Biomed are supporting Meatable in bringing their technology to the field of cell-based meat,


Dr. Gordana Apic

Gordana holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge, MSc from the University of Heidelberg, and Executive  Education from the Judge Business School in Cambridge. She is an expert adviser and an evaluator to the European Commission in the fields of Systems Medicine and Nanotechology. With her expertise, Gordana supports Meatable in becoming a leader in the cell-based meat industry.


Dr. Luis Fernando Malaver-Ortega

Luis Fernando finished his PhD studies at Monash University where he investigated the phenomenon of cellular reprogramming and pluripotency in cattle along with Professor Paul J.Verma, a pioneer in the isolation and production of stem cells from livestock. After his postdoctoral training in cell engineering at The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and The University of Queensland, he is currently serving as Research Fellow for the faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at Monash University and manages the Functional Genomics Capabilities at The Monash Health Translational Precinct MHTP Melbourne, Australia.